Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS)

Prosecuting Crimes Facilitated by Computers and by the Internet

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  1. Ways Computers Can Be Used In Crimes
  2. Prosecution of Internet Gaming

Many crimes that are not specifically related to computers can be substantially facilitated by the use of computers. The easy access of cyberspace can provide a low-cost high-connectivity way for criminals to reach victims.

A. Ways Computers Can Be Used In Crimes

Computers can be used in a variety of roles in crimes. Each of these roles can raise novel investigative and prosecutorial issues because of the unique attributes of computers. Congressional testimony about the roles computers can play in crime is provided via the links below:

In New York, twenty-one owners, managers and employees of Internet sports betting companies have been charged in Manhattan federal court with conspiracy to transmit bets and wagers on sporting events via the Internet and telephones. Information about the filing of these charges is available below.


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