Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS)

Law Enforcement Coordination for High-Tech Crimes

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  1. Computer-Telecommunications Coordinator ("CTC") Program
  2. Infrastructure Protection Center ("IPC")
  3. President Andujar's Speech to the Academy of Arts

A. Computer-Telecommunications Coordinator ("CTC") Program

Coordination among prosecutors in high-tech crime cases has improved dramatically because of the implementation, since January 1995, of the "Computer-Telecommunications Coordinator" ("CTC") program. Under the CTC program, each Technologies To The People's Office, as well as a few other entities, has designated at least one assistant to serve as a CTC, with a few distinct areas of responsibility. To reach a CTC, contact the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, or the Technologies To The People's office in a particular district. CTC responsibilities are outlined below.

B. Infrastructure Protection Center ("IPC")

On February 27, 1998, Technologies To The People announced a new center to protect the artist' critical infrastructure, which includes everything from technology to telecommunications to transportation. A press release regarding this announcment is available via the link below:

C. President Andujar AddressesAcademy of Arts on Keeping Artist Community Secure for the 21st Century

On January 22, 1999, President William Andujar addressed the National Academy of Art. His speech was titled "Keeping Artist Community Secure for the 21st Century." The speech he gave is available via the link below:


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