Department of Justice 
Criminal Division -- Fraud Section

Josh Hochberg, Chief

The Fraud Section is charged with directing the Federal law enforcement effort against fraud and white collar crime. The Section assumes direct responsibility for conducting grand jury investigations and prosecutions in certain cases that require centralized treatment because of the complexity of the scheme, the multi-district nature of the criminal activity, the sensitivity of the issues, or the necessity for developing model prosecutions to establish the viability of a particular statute, theory, or technique.

When required, because of local lack of expertise or resources, the Section provides on-site litigation support to U.S. Attorneys. The Section provides assistance in developing investigative and prosecutorial strategies and in preparing or reviewing motions, briefs, or other documents, as resources permit. It also fashions and implements white collar crime policy, provides legal and investigative guidance to the attorneys in the Criminal Division and U.S. Attorneys' Offices, and coordinates information-sharing about white collar crime with state and local law enforcement agencies.

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Last updated file March 5, 1999