adj. Ordinary flavor, standard. See FLAVOR. When used of food, very often does not mean that the food is flavored with vanilla extract! For example, "vanilla-flavored wonton soup" (or simply "vanilla wonton soup") means ordinary wonton soup, as opposed to hot and sour wonton soup

[from "oxen", perhaps influenced by "vixen"]
n. pl. The plural of VAX (a DEC machine)

adj. Unused, in reference to an instantiation of a program. "Let's bring up a virgin system and see if it crashes again." Also, by extension, unused buffers and the like within a program

adj. 1. Common alternative to LOGICAL (q.v.), but never used with compass directions.
2. Performing the functions of. Virtual memory acts like real memory but isn't

n. One who hacks vision (in an AI context, such as the processing of visual images)