Telecommunications company that was/is the target of many hackers, including Kevin Mitnick. Best known among casual Net users as the distributor of Eudora, the ubiquitous email program first coded by Steve Dorner

The engine that powers the graphics in Macintoshes. It began as just QuickDraw, which was followed by Color QuickDraw, which was followed by 32-bit QuickDraw, which was followed by QuickDraw GX, which was recently followed by QuickDraw 3D. In the early 1990s a group calling itself the NuPrometheus League ILFed part of the source code to Color QuickDraw, very much angering Apple Computer

Co-author of _Masters of Deception: The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace_ and contributing writer for _Wired_. His phone system was hacked by parties unknown (either LOD or MOD, acting on behalf of the ILF) in retaliation for his book