++++++++++Hacker’s Encyclopedia++++++++
============by Logik Bomb (LSC)=========
--------------------(1997-Second Edition)----------------
To the many programmers of hacking software everywhere, and all those who disseminate information, forbidden or otherwise. Also, I should note that a few of these entries are taken from "A Complete List of Hacker Slang and Other Things," Version 1C, by Casual, Bloodwing and Crusader; this doc started out as an unofficial update. However, I’ve updated, altered, re-written and otherwise torn apart the original document, so I'd be surprised if you could find any vestiges of the original document left. I think the list is very well written; my only problem with it is that it came out in 1990, which makes it somewhat outdated. I also got some information from the works listed in my bibliography, (it's in the back, after all the quotes) as well as the works of many SF authors; and many back issues of such e-zines as _Phrack Magazine_, _40Hex_, the _LOD/H Technical Journals_ and _Cheap Truth_ and print magazines such as _Newsweek_, _TIME_, _Internet Underground_, _Wired_ and _2600: The Hacker Quarterly_, as well as various people I've consulted. My alpha testers were Einsteinium, Remorseless and Manual Override and my only beta tester was Space Rogue of L0pht fame; I've also received input from Acid Phreak, John Perry Barlow, Dead Lord and Nightmare.
I've also gotten a lot of information on (non-cyber) punks and the surrounding subculture from Ronald DuPlanty II who was in my ninth grade fourth-period drama class, who besides having the most piercings I’ve ever seen besides that chick in _Pulp Fiction_, writing a really cool monologue that was more cyberpunk than he ever considered, and being an all-around great guy, taught me more about Throbbing Gristle than _Cyberia_ ever came close to, indeed more than I ever wanted to know. I also got lots information on the rave scene from my cousin Sean Krueger.
Finally, thanks to Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, and the Cure, for giving me good background music while I was writing this.

If anyone has any entries they want me to add, or a newer version of any of the texts in my bibliography, please send it to me at ryder@xmission.com so that I can include changes in the 1998 edition. Don’t change anything if you distribute this to other sites (and please do; I want this distributed all over the place); if you find any typos or errors I may have made, notify me and I will make the change in the next edition. I cannot make any guarantees as to the accuracy of any of these entries, but if you see a way I’ve screwed up, please tell me. All of my information is based on written material by journalists or other writers; I know that often journalists are very, very wrong. I also welcome new information; this document is supposed to be information relevant to "cyberpunks" for lack of a better word; specifically-- SF, hacking, phreaking, cracking, virii and subculture info (I am using my own discretion as far as the latter; while I have chosen to enter such questionable material as information on goths and Zippies, I don’t want this to turn into _Mondo 2000: A User’s Guide to Being a Fashionpunk_.) I am not including information on basic Net culture, such as IRC acronyms and emoticons; this sort of thing is already covered by people with much more knowledge than I in other files. Also, I’m a Mac user, and even though I have some Wintel and UNIX knowledge and the rest is usually taken up by my alpha testers, I may have some incorrect information, so I welcome corrections. Note: I am using brackets around such info as etymology. I also use brackets for unofficial subtitles; for instance, _Die Hard 2_ is written as _Die Hard 2_ [Die Harder] because though the subtitle (Die Harder) was used in advertising, it is not part of the official title. I am also using aliases that were meant to fool law enforcement and were not meant as handles under the form Lastname, Firstname, but I am using handles, even those in the form of proper names (such as Emmanuel Goldstein), without putting the last name first. Handles that look like proper names are also indexed with last name first, but that just references to the other entry. (What, you want me to write LIGHTNING, KNIGHT and PHREAK, ACID? Doesn’t really work, even though John Perry Barlow refers to "Mr. Phreak" and "Mr. Optik.") I can't believe I'm spending my time on this crap.
Oh, yeah, and so you know who I am and what my personal biases are, I’m Logik Bomb, pleased to meet you. I’m in high school, I own a Power Macintosh 6100/66 (16/500) (as well as a 28.8 modem, a Zip drive and a triple-speed CD-ROM drive) and I do consider myself a hacker (by definitions 1, 2, 3 and 5 in my entry). I have written for _Phrack Magazine_. I read a lot of cyberpunk fiction. I was a member of a fairly influential group called the Legion of the Apocalypse (LOA), but that group's demise has paved the way for a new group that I founded, the Laughing Skull Clan (LSC). My handle comes from the usually destructive program; however, I use the name more for an affinity for the imagery of the abolition of standard linear logic than interest in virii or similar programs; the "k" is in there in homage to Phiber Optik. (By the way, John Perry Barlow said I had a cool handle. So there.) Finally, I’m one of the very few hacker types in the entire world who knows how to spell. :)