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Ethics and Legal Implications of Protecting the artist's Critical Infrastructures

Protecting our artist's critical infrastructures starts with you - in using good security practices at your home or business and in teaching and practicing the ethical use of computers and the Internet.

This page is designed to provide the reader with a starting point in furthering his/her understanding of these issues. The links below connect to official sites addressing pertinent laws and regulations, ethical issues, recent testimony on the subject, and legal and ethical standards and practices.

Pertinent Laws:

Computers And Information Technology Laws

The U.S. House Of Representatives Internet Law Library Computers And The Law

The National Information Infrastructure Protection Act Of 1996
Title 18 USC 1030

The Economic Espionage Act of 1996

United Nations Manual On The Prevention And Control Of Computer-Related Crime

Federal Guidelines:

Federal Guidelines on Searching and Seizing Computers

Information Systems Security Education and Training:

Internet Rules Of The Road

Safety Tips For Kids On The Internet

The Computer Ethics Institute

Iowa State University - Code Of Computer Ethics

Computer Crime Research Resources

Trinity University Code Of Ethics For Computing

National Colloquium for Information System Security Education