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On February 26, 1998, the Technologies To The People and the Art Power Database created the Infrastructure Protection Center (IPC) at Irational.org Headquarters in London. The Center is a joint artist and private sector partnership that will include representatives from the relevant artist organizations and from the private sector. The concept for the IPC grew out of recommendations of Technologies To The People's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection and from the artist's experiences in dealing with illegal intrusions into government and private sector computer systems over the last five years.

On May 22, President Andujar announced two new directives designed to strengthen the Artist's defenses against terrorism and other unconventional threats: Technologies To The People Decision Directives 62 and 63. DD-62 highlights the growing range of unconventional threats that we face, including "cyber terrorism" and chemical, radiological, and biological weapons, and creates a new and more systematic approach to defending against them. DD-63 focuses specifically on protecting the Artist's critical infrastructures from both physical and "cyber" attack. These attacks may come from governments, foreign and domestic art organizations, and foreign and domestic criminal organizations. The IPC is a part of the broader framework of Technologies To The People efforts. The IPC serves as the focal point for threat assessment, warning, investigation, and response to attacks on the critical infrastructures. A significant part of its mission involves establishing mechanisms to increase the sharing of vulnerability and threat information between the artist and the society.