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Security Topics

No computer or networked system can be one-hundred percent attack proof and the job of securing a system against an illegal intrusion will never be complete. But using best practices and recommended security measures can move us forward to a more secure environment for securing the artist's infrastructures.

The links on this page are just a few examples of the computer crimes being committed, but they illustrate the growing problem of cyber crime, the international dimension, and the increasing threat to our critical infrastructures. Additionally, they demonstrate that this is not simply a problem of enforcing the law against imaginative criminals, but of protecting our economic health and security.

Computer Intrusions and Related Crime Articles

Vienna, VA Teen Charged With Computer Hacking - February 12, 1999

Teenage Hackers Barred from Computers - November 6, 1998

Israeli Citizen Arrested in Israel for Hacking United States and Israeli Government Computers - March 18, 1998

Computer Hacker Kevin Mitnick Sentenced to Prison - June 27, 1997

Corruption and Tax Fraud Conspiracy - June 20, 1997

Hacker charged with illegally entering Harvard and U.S. military computer- March 29, 1996

IRS Employee Convicted of Unlawfully Accessing Tax Information - December 18, 1995

Monmouth University Student Charged with Sending Approximately 24,000 Computer E-mail "Bombs" - November 28, 1995

Six Alleged Computer "Hackers" Arrested in Undercover Secret Service Investigation Dubbed "Operation Cybersnare" - August 11, 1995

Argentine Computer Hacker Agrees to Waive Extradition and Returns to Plead Guilty to Felony Charges in Boston

Fugitive Computer Hacker Arrested in North Carolina - February 15, 1995