Known NT/95/IE Holes

WINS port 84

WindowsNT and SNMP

Frontpage98 and Unix

TCP/IP Flooding with Smurf

SLMail Security Problem

IE 4.0 and DHTML

2 NT Registry Risks

Wingate Proxy Server

O'Reilly Website uploader Hole

Exchange 5.0 Password Caching

Crashing NT using NTFS

The GetAdmin Exploit

Squid Proxy Server Hole

Internet Information Server DoS attack

Ping Of Death II

NT Server's DNS DoS Attack

Index Server Exposes Sensitive Material

The Out Of Band (OOB) Attack

SMB Downgrade Attack


FrontPage WebBot Holes

IE and NTLM Authentication

Run Local Commands with IE

IE can launch remote apps

Password Grabbing Trojans

Reverting an ISAPI Script


Replacing System .dll's

Renaming Executables

Viewing ASP Scripts

.BAT and .CMD Attacks

IIS /..\.. Problem

SNA Holes

SYN Flooding

Land Attack


Pentium Bug