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Back By Popular Demand

We dropped CyberClips some months back, but our loyal readers complained so much that we gotta bring it back -- so we will be returning within the next few weeks, or thereabouts, more or less ...

The dynamic pace of innovation in information systems is producing information overload. Dozens of mass-circulation magazines, controlled-circulation industry publications, professional newsletters, E-mail listservs and Internet websites are filled with information on new industry developments, reviews of new applications and other products, and a range of other information essential to navigating cyberspace. This deluge of information is beyond the absorptive capacity of most cybernauts. We subscribe to and monitor the leading periodicals, and highlight their most important reports and features.

CyberClips is a bi-weekly review of the best of current reporting on emerging trends, online services and development, and hardware and software platforms of interest to the non-profit, advocacy and activist communities.

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