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Cyber Tools are the various gizmos you need for or on your web site in order to take full advantage of the internet. The explicit focus of this analysis is the national non-profit policy advocacy community, although others with similar resources and desirements may find this resource useful as well -- others among The 9 Types of Web Page Creators may not. Here we are looking at implementations that go pretty far beyond a static "brochure" site, but that do not require an industrial strength in-house MIS team such as one would [but does not always] find at a major commercial site.

This page is an inventory of server-side gizmos [if you have to ask what this means you need read no further] that we have evaluated and implemented, along with desktop tools needed for effective website construction and maintenance. The well-tempered web site and the even-tempered WebMaster will need one of each of these things, more or less.This resource for webmasters complements the CyberTools for WebAuthors resource, as well as the guide to client-side internet user stuff which is inventoried on The Well Tempered Desktop page, which inventory desirements for each and every person at the org.

Our rating system is as follows:

This page is under continuous development, and your comments and suggestions to the CyberStrategy Project are most welcome. We would also be interested in engaging in an exchange of views on these and related topics in our online CyberStrategy conference.

The current and foreseeable dynamic pace of development of the net makes it a bit difficult to parse precise categories of cyber tools, particularly since a non-trivial number of products incorporate functionality that is often found in tools commonly grouped in some other category. But this is about the best we have been able to come up with in terms of the general types of tools currently available. In almost every case, there are far more tools available than we have reviewed here. Rather than serve as a compendious compendium of the sum totality of all executables, we have reviewed the packages that seem the most promising, as well as the ones that are less promising though widely advertised. We have also attempted to provide links to more encyclopedic resources as well.

General Sources

We are always on the lookout for new and interesting tricks to liven up our webspace. We have evaluated a variety of authoring tools, and as soon as we recover from beta.burnout we will have some reviews and commentary here. Some of the places we keep tabs on include:


Well, you know, after a while this all gets kinda complectified, both keeping track of all the different gizmos that one is using to do day in and day out WebMastering, as well as keeping track of all those dang files and links on the site. What we are looking for is WebMaster[tm] 7.6 -- an extremely robust fully integrated 32-bit platform independent gizmo that will automate a lotta the routine chores of WebMastering [yeah, aren't we all]. Well, the bad nooze is it ain't out yet, not even in alpha-release vaporware, so in the meantime we are just gonna have to try to do the best we can.

Site Manager

A site manager is a less comprehensive gizmo than the [as yet seemingly non-existent WebMaster gizmo], but it should perform a number of basic functions, such as an analyzer will take a look at your site and find several annoying things: orphan files, broken internal links, and inoperative external links.

Web Usage Statistics

Non-profit organizations which depend on grants from foundations lack the daily or weekly cash flow from many customers [like a retail sales establishment] that we can use to monitor customer satisfaction. And one of the generic problems that policy-oriented grant-making foundations have is measuring effectiveness. Output-oriented effectiveness can at times be difficult to measure, because many successful policy initiatives are successful precisely because so many organizations and other actors were brought into play that the unique contribution of any one organization is hard to measure. Thus unavoidably there is interest in input-oriented metrics, such as how many copies of how many publications were distributed, or how many times did you get on TV, or, how many hits did your website get? So we spend a lotta time obsessing over our weekly stats, and those of others

Searching Our Webspace

As the native content of our webspace deepens, we needed a convenient facility for users to quickly find particular items of interest.

Collaboration via WWW

Collaboration via the web includes a means for public users to provide feedback, for users in our immediate community to share information and collaborative author documents, as well as a means for us to archive other traffic.

There are several primary sources of information on collaboration.

We currently have three collaboration implementations at our site, and are on the lookout for more.

We also evaluated these products:

These products are also popular, but are not for us.

HTML Conversion Translators

HTML translatros are essential for bulk conversion repurposing of legacy wordprocessing content to HTML for the web.


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Other Stuff