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You don't have to be a rocket scientist to support our work on global security!

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) is working on issues of global security, the environment, democratic governance and human rights. From our early days 50 years ago as the action arm of the original atomic scientists, to our present work on arms control, environmental protection, and government secrecy reform, FAS continues a commitment to informing the public debate on complex scientific and technical questions. We are dedicated to "speaking truth to power" -- representing the public interest and defending against the special interests. If you care about what the future holds for America and the world, please take advantage of this opportunity to become a member, subscriber or web supporter of the Federation of American Scientists.

Our expanding work for global security depends on your support. Every day decisions are being made in Washington, often before you are aware of all the options. The contributions made by FAS to informing decision-makers and the public over the past half century are made possible by the financial sponsorship of concerned citizens like you.


We don't get any money from the government or large corporations, but we do spend a lot of time and money making our web resources available to the public. If you have found our web site useful, please help us continue to provide this resource. Please support our shareware implementation by making a tax-deductible contribution -- in any amount -- to our policy research and education arm, the FAS Fund. If there is a particular FAS project that you would like to support, you may earmark a contribution for that project, or you may contribute to the general fund for research and educational activities.

Please make check payable to FAS Fund and mail to 307 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20002 (please indicate on the check "web sponsor").


If you are an American natural or social scientists, engineer or lawyer, please join FAS. For as little as $15 per year, members receive a yearly pocket calendar, the bi-monthly FAS Public Interest Report (PIR), and have voting rights in our annual election.



For those who do not wish to become members, but are interested in supporting FAS activities and receiving our bimonthly newsletter, you may purchase a subscription to the FAS Public Interest Report (PIR), and you help us to continue our work to bring the responsible voice of science to bear on global security issues.


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