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The dynamic pace of innovation in information systems is producing information overload. Dozens of mass-circulation magazines, controlled-circulation industry publications, professional newsletters, E-mail listservs and Internet websites are filled with information on new industry developments, reviews of new applications and other products, and a range of other information essential to navigating cyberspace. This deluge of information is beyond the absorptive capacity of most cybernauts. We subscribe to and monitor the leading periodicals, and highlight their most important reports and features.

Some of the publications we monitor include:


We have found these periodicals have the highest concentration of interesting content.


We have found these periodicals also have some interesting content.
  1. Ad Nauseam
  2. BackChannel
  3. Benchmarks Newsjournal
  4. cc:Browser
  5. Computer Currents
  6. Computer Life
  7. CMC Computer Mediated Communications
  8. Dr. Dobb's Journal
  9. Electronic Business Buyer
  10. Electronic Buyers News
  11. Electronic Engineering Times
  12. Error 404
  13. Global Network Navigator
  14. Home PC
  15. HotWired
  16. Interactive Contents
  17. Internet World
  18. Journal of Electronic Defense
  19. Lan on the Web
  20. LAN Times only has older material online
  21. MacTech Magazine! only has older material online
  22. Mac Net Journal
  23. MicroTimes
  24. Monitor The Monthly Magazine of the Capital PC User Group, Inc.
  25. NetShop is part of the Internet Shopping Network
  26. Network World
  27. OEM Magazine
  28. Online Access
  29. On the Edge
  30. Open Computing
  31. Paradox Informant
  32. PC Answers
  33. PC Format
  34. PCLT Exit Ramp
  35. PC Plus
  36. Risks Digest
  37. San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner
  38. Solid State Technology
  39. The Underground Review
  40. WEBsurf from Scream Press hasn't been updated recently
  41. Where It's @ hasn't been updated recently
  42. WinOnline Review


These sources include comprehensive lists of online periodicals.
  1. CMP Publications -- Searchable Archives
  2. Computer Journalism Review
  3. MagNet
  4. Yahoo -- Magazines:Computers and Technology
  5. Ziff-Davis - The Cobb Group
  6. Ziff-Davis ZDNet -- Searchable Archives

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