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  • Through the Keyhole: Conference on Public Policy Applications of Declassified Corona Satellite Imagery On February 16 from 9:00 A.M. to 11:45 A.M., the Federation of American Scientists will hold providing the first extensive look at CORONA imagery of Russia's nuclear weapons complex.

  • The Arms Trade Revealed: A Guide for Investigators and Activists -- Lora Lumpe and Jeff Donarski, September 1998. Print version available to FAS members for $7/copy.
  • Export Controls Relating to Commercial Communications Satellites Creation of a Select Committee on US National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China John Pike Federation of American Scientists -- 16 June 1998 - House Rules Committee
  • Missile and Space Launch Vehicle Technology and Export Controls John Pike - 20 May 1998 Senate Governmental Affairs International Security, Proliferation and Federal Services Subcommittee
  • India Pakistan Nuclear Crisis
  • Scientists Call for World-Wide Interim Freeze on Ballistic Missile Deployments May 14, 1998
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Wasteful in the Defense Budget Public Interest Report - May 1998
  • March/April 1998 PIR--Disarmament by Pit-stuffing: Bomb Disablement Need Not Await Bomb Dismantlement
  • Arms Sales Monitor #37 April, 1998
  • Secrecy & Government Bulletin, Issue No. 73 March, 1998
  • Arms Sales Monitor #36 February, 1998
  • January/February 1998 PIR--De-MIRVing Submarines Cuts the Nuclear Gordian Knot
  • Iraq Crisis - Confrontation with Iraq over inspections.
  • Secrecy & Government Bulletin, Issue No. 72 November, 1997
  • FAS Drug Policy Project Press Release about Principles for Practical Drug Policies
  • Arms Sales Monitor #35 August, 1997
  • July/August PIR--Black-Market Arms
  • Drug Policy Bulletin #2 May, 1997
  • Controlling Infectious Disease
    by Stephen S. Morse
  • May/Jun PIR--The Consumer Price Index
  • FAS Sues the CIA for Budget Disclosure May 1997
  • Secrecy & Government Bulletin, Issue No. 67 May, 1997
  • Atomic Scientists Call for Halt to Research on New Types of Nuclear Weapons
    May 15, 1997
  • Secrecy & Government Bulletin, Issue No. 66 April, 1997
  • Arms Sales Monitor #34 April, 1997
  • Perspectives on the Long Term Global Food Situation Winter 1997
  • Secrecy & Government Bulletin, Issue No. 64 January, 1997
  • FAS Press Release Urging Research on Medical Uses of Marijuana
  • Micronutrients and Agriculture, Issue Number 2
  • Animal Health/Emerging Animal Diseases (AHEAD), December 1996
  • Recycled Weapons: American Exports of Surplus Arms
  • "Mad Cows", Englishmen and the Prion Hypothesis


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