01. How do I access the password file under Unix?
02. How do I crack Unix passwords?
03. What is password shadowing?
04. Where can I find the password file if it's shadowed?
05. What is NIS/yp?
06. What are those weird characters after the comma in my passwd file?
07. How do I access the password file under VMS?
08. How do I crack VMS passwords?
09. What can be logged on a VMS system?
10. What privileges are available on a VMS system?
11. How do I break out of a restricted shell?
12. How do I gain root from a suid script or program?
13. How do I erase my presence from the system logs?
14. How do I send fakemail?
15. How do I fake posts and control messages to UseNet?
16. How do I hack ChanOp on IRC?
17. How do I modify the IRC client to hide my real username?
18. How to I change to directories with strange characters in them?
19. What is ethernet sniffing?
20. What is an Internet Outdial?
21. What are some Internet Outdials?
22. What is this system?
23. What are the default accounts for XXX ?
24. What port is XXX on?
25. What is a trojan/worm/virus/logic bomb?
26. How can I protect myself from viruses and such?
27. Where can I get more information about viruses?
28. What is Cryptoxxxxxxx?
29. What is PGP?
30. What is Tempest?
31. What is an anonymous remailer?
32. What are the addresses of some anonymous remailers?
33. How do I defeat copy protection?
34. What is
35. How do I post to a moderated newsgroup?
36. How do I post to Usenet via e-mail?
37. How do I defeat a BIOS password?
38. What is the password for<encrypted file>?
39. Is there any hope of a decompiler that would convert an executable program into C/C++ code?
40. How does the MS-Windows password encryption work?