01. What is a Red Box?
02. How do I build a Red Box?
03. Where can I get a 6.5536Mhz crystal?
04. Which payphones will a Red Box work on?
05. How do I make local calls with a Red Box?
06. What is a Blue Box?
07. Do Blue Boxes still work?
08. What is a Black Box?
09. What do all the colored boxes do?
10. What is an ANAC number?
11. What is the ANAC number for my area?
12. What is a ringback number?
13. What is the ringback number for my area?
14. What is a loop?
15. What is a loop in my area?
16. What is a CNA number?
17. What is the telephone company CNA number for my area?
18. What are some numbers that always ring busy?
19. What are some numbers that temporarily disconnect phone service?
20. What is a Proctor Test Set?
21. What is a Proctor Test Set in my area?
22. What is scanning?
23. Is scanning illegal?
24. Where can I purchase a lineman's handset?
25. What are the DTMF frequencies?
26. What are the frequencies of the telephone tones?
27. What are all of the * (LASS) codes?
28. What frequencies do cordless phones operate on?
29. What is Caller-ID?
30. How do I block Caller-ID?
31. What is a PBX?
32. What is a VMB?
33. What are the ABCD tones for?
34. What are the International Direct Numbers?