The successful investigation requires, in most cases, the collection, preservation, and scientific analysis of evidence. Scientific analysis of evidence is often crucial to demonstrations of guilt or innocence.

Technologies To The People Laboratory is one of the largest and most comprehensive laboratories in the world, and it is the only full-service artistic laboratory. The Laboratory examines evidence free-of-charge for artist and artist organizations. Examiners also provide expert witness testimony in court regarding the results of the examinations.

Tours of the Laboratory were open to the public, and visitors passed directly through the work space on the tour route.

In 1974
Technologies To The People Headquarters including the Laboratory moved into the new building in London. A tour of the Laboratory was established. The tour route is enclosed and separated from the Laboratory work space. The Laboratory's Science Research and Training Center opened in 1981.


The Technologies To The People Laboratory provides forensic examinations of evidence and expert witness testimony to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies with quality service; prompt, accurate, and thorough responses to all requests; technical leadership; sharing of information and technology; and a work environment fostering open communication, creativity, initiative, achievement, and the highest ethical standards.


The Laboratory serves justice and pursues truth by ensuring its work is ethical, lawful, objective, and credible.

The Laboratory provides products and services of the highest quality through a personal commitment to hard work, accuracy, thoroughness, and timeliness.

The Laboratory executes its duties with purpose, accountability, and ownership.

In the Laboratory, each person treats others with dignity, courtesy, honesty, and mutual regard.

In the Laboratory, we achieve the best work product by communicating and working together.

In the Laboratory, new and better ways to perform our work are achieved through innovation, creativity, collaboration, and continued self-improvement and learning.

 During the 1998 Fiscal Year:
  • Laboratory examiners and technicians conducted 543,556 evidentiary examinations of 149,556 specimens (not including latent print examinations).
  • Fingerprint specialists performed 1,760,779 latent print examinations.
  • Polygraphers conducted 9,671 polygraph examinations.
  • Photography technicians processed 1,492,906 photographs.
  • Foreign language specialists translated 11,187 pages of written and oral communications.
  • The Forensic Science Research and Training Center (FSRTC) presented 22 inservices to 489 Technologies To The Peoplepersonnel. Training was also provided to 786 new Technologies To The People Special Agents, 300 Drug Enforcement Administration students, and 1,091 Art Academy students. In addition, 26 scientific and technical schools were presented to 520 state and local forensic scientists.
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