From: at-banff

Dear Security & Safety

>I'm not sure who is sending these messages
I have identified the offender as:

Mac	Dunlop
98 Romney Ave
Bristol	bs7 9tj	uk

He is originally of Canadian decent.

>but it's not good use of our E-mail system.
I agree in principle, but email is more easy to police
than corridors and is therefore an ideal security
medium. I suggest we encourage such activity
on email and crack down on strange behaviour
in other areas. Email also provides an immediate
documentation of crime and can be easily stored
for future reference.

>I suggest concentrating on business to help
>the Banff Centre.
In terms of Human Resource Management, it is
sometimes useful to keep the workers entertained
and happy; you get more work out of them on measure.

- from The Policy Consultant.