From: at-banff (29/7/98)

People at Banff,

Several rumours have recently come to my attention that I
shall try to dispel below.


Banff Centre Security Services have been compiling lists of
users of the at-banff mailing list and subjects posted
by them for a forthcoming purge operation.


Banff Centre Security Services intend to locate the ring
leader of at-banff mailing list and force them to shut down
the list, as it is 'out of control' and presents a threat to the
official vertical hierarchy of the centre, whose maintenance
is ultimately the responsibility of Security Services.

e.g. Cleaners and directors having equal say or people
being able to express their true feelings publicly
without fear of intimidation or reprisal.

Neither of these rumours are true.

For a start, any activities taking place on the net fall
under the durastiction of 'Media Security Department' headed
not by Banff Centre Security Services.

Also, Banff Centre Security Services do not have the training
to deal with unsafe such situations in cyberspace.

Finally, Banff Centre Security Services have no interest in
the politics or policy of the staff and artists of mva and
would not try to impose politically motivated correct
conduct controls such as 'usual behavior' guidelines.

I hope this finally puts these destructive rumours to rest.

- from The Spin Doctor.