From: at-banff (29/7/98)

We (MVA Managers) are jointly responding here......
Banff.org is an open forum within The Banff Centre. Originally it provided
a place for upcoming events to be announced. It quickly became a forum for
discussion, debate and -- in some cases -- office humor.
We feel most of  what is posted on at-Banff is valuable as an informational
source, or as a release of tension during this period. We feel any move to
take this forum away would be detrimental to morale.
Limiting employees ability to share jokes within the institution would
also be detrimental.
Many companies have internal networks where people can freely express their
opinions. These need to be taken with a grain of salt and the recognition
that face-to-face dialogue outside of gossip circles (whether
electronically or not) should always be our true marker.