From: at-banff (98/6/24)

New Funding Scheme for Artist

In the past it has been the policy of MVA to supplement 60% of Costs of artists
from the Developed Countries and 80% of the costs of those from Developing
Countries in the fall thematic residency.  As of 1999 this practice will be
suspended. For the fall of 1999 the new criterion for funding will be as

- Only single women will be admitted to the residency.

-Those with a weight in the lower half of their recommended Body Mass Index (as
 defined by the Canadian Medical Association) will be able to apply for 60%

- Blondes may apply for 80% funding.

- Blondes with a cup size in excess of a "C" will be fully funded.

Please note these changes in policy as we head toward our new vision.