From: at-banff (98/8/4)

People at Banff,

Are you an Ass?

In February 1999 MVA will host the Really Big Ass Hunters Summit.  The Summit
 will start the week of February 7th, 1999 and culminate in A Walter Phillips
 Gallery Show entitled "Hunting High and Low".  Music for the Gala Opening will
 be provided by none other than former RCA recording artists A'HA whom many of
 you will remember for their smash one hit wonder 'Take On Me'.

Come listen to industry giants, who really know how to find asses, speak on:
* Asses as pronouns vs assess as body parts
* Amateur vs professionally photographed ass shots
* Tax laws
* Patenting Human Genetic Information
* alternative funding sources
* how to get around pesky porn laws by using your country's constitution
* cutting edge ass related stuff
* marketing product
* "Your Banker, your best friend"
* "Your Banker's wife,  the lonely woman behind the husband who spends long
hours at the office
* "K.Y. --- Nuff said"

Speakers Include:
Larry Flint: Editor And Chief Hustler Magazine, Hugh Heffner: Publisher Playboy
Magazine,  Sid Hanson: Publisher Swank Magazine, Josh Portway Interactive
Real World, Don Cherry Hockey Night in Canada,  Margaret Atwood: Noted
Writer, Editor Critic, Marilyn Chambers: porn *, Catherine Mckinnon: lawyer,
Larry King: world Class Ass,  Ian Brown CBC radio host and World Class Ass,
Margaret Lawrence: noted dead novelist, Cy Sperling: the hair club for men
and many others.

This promises to be the event of the year so if you're an ass, or just a person
 who owns one, come on out.