From: at-banff (98/8/13)

People at Banff,

Does anybody have the guts or authority to
publicly explain the perceived policy of
willfully neglecting printmaking, sculpture,
photography and ceramics to such a degree
that the workshops remain idle and the
technicians have to be demoted to positions
of unskilled labour in other departments ?

Please do not respond in the typical manner

1. You wouldn't understand the big picture.
2. You are a "Wacko."
3. We are taking care of your best interests,
   but we can not tell you how.
4. "You are behaving like your own worst enemy."

This unpleasant situation is clouded by
suspicions of:

Political cleansing of problematic staff
members - "did he jump or was he pushed ?"

Mother & son empire building strategies
- "go and play Johnny."

Are we feeling democratic today ?

- from The Junior Clerk.