From: at-banff (98/8/13)

People at Banff,

"All art is propaganda", Trina Mould.

The most successful political manipulation
disguises itself as "neutral".

The Banff Centre as a leading provider of
concealed propaganda has to please the latest
power elite.

Sculpture and print making were valuable
pawns in anti-soviet state propaganda of the
modernist age - "we are so free over here,
that we can spend all day playing with
paper", but sadly the global political
situation has changed with the fall of the
Berlin wall.

So The Banff Centre has to find new clients
and new tactics. Corporate capital has to
claim the high ground over art/ crime &
society to justify their anti community and
environment activities, thus making them a
desperate new client for our skill sets.

The Multimedia Institute was and still is a
useful outfall for corporate crap, but now we
need a parallel brand of deception:

Its time for the cool commodity art sell as
developed by the "Young British Artists."
There is no space for the local or community
in this elitist anti-society model.

e.g. Damien Hurst doesn't make his own work,
he hires anonymous underpaid people to do it
for him. He then sells his work to capital investors.

Anybody who questions this model is clearly
an envious unsuccessful idiot.

Mr Hurst is a prize producer of right wing
property propaganda. We have a lot to learn
from him; lets change the department !
- from The Policy Consultant.