From: at-banff (98/8/14)

Hi Senior Administrator,
I have been meaning to tell you, that I really admire you.  I think it
takes alot of courage to be as vocal as you have been.  Really, you are
quite admirable and strong.
I have long been a fan of yours and have been quite impressed by your early
career efforts back in 'the day'.  And too boot, you  graduated from a
prestigious academic institution and maintain the rigid hand of power and
class in a way that protects the rest of us from nasty political/economic
Thank-you Senior Administrator.
By the way, over the past few months, my little area of the Banff Centre
has become quite unstable.   Perhaps you could use me as an assistant or
I will do anything.  My co-workers will attest to that.
In closing I would just like to mention that I think your PPP system is
brilliant, and I am willing to bring you refreshments anytime.
-Yours truly