From: at-banff  (14/8/98)

Staff of MVA recently underwent an intensive evaluative process initiated
by the Management team of CFA.  Within the limited safety of this process,
the staff spoke of concerns regarding the planning and management style of
the MVA management team.  These concerns directly impacted on staff morale
and job satisfaction.  Throughout this process, the staff was assured that
real change would be forthcoming...and soon.

As staff we believe that a more radical structural change has not been
announced because the facilitated meeting that we participated in with
management has now become the new benchmark and source for change within
MVA.  Simply put, this meeting has allegedly forged a united staff and
management team for change within MVA.

In reality, many staff feel that this process did not provide the secure
environment required to fully discuss issues within the department.  The
main issues circumvented were personality problems, competency,
responsibility and trust within the MVA directorship.  Essentially, staff
do not believe that the facilitated process yielded achievable changes to
our work environment or that the directorship has a proven ability or
desire to make these changes. We question whether the results are fully
supported by the directorship.  The core belief amongst many staff is that
certain personalities within the directorship will (and already have) use
the results and suggestions of the facilitated process to protect/defend
their own positions and interests.  Finally, it is difficult to see
credibility in the recent round of evaluative meetings within MVA when it
is a process that has been brought about through staff demands for change,
rather than a real recognition within management of the need for self

We applaud CFA managementís recent announcement since it is a glimmer of
hope in this situation, but we respectfully request that CFA return to the
comments made in our original meetings and evaluation forms for a more
satisfactory conclusion to this process.  With one Director entrusted with
JPL, the trust and respect staff in Glyde Hall enjoyed will be sorely
missed.   Glyde now needs a competent and trustworthy leader to establish a
satisfactory and productive work environment.

People at Banff:  "The floodgates of change are now open."  If you agree,
or disagree with any comments above, or feel that information was missed,
please reply to at-Banff.

 - from The Policy Consultant.