From: at-banff (98/8/16)

PPP news bulletin

This is the PPP news by Trina Mould

28 sculptures were demolished yesterday by a bomb that exploded
in the ceramics studio

No-one has claimed responsibility but it has been suggested that
sectarian organizations were to blame.

This is the worst attack on commodity art forms at Banff since the onset of
Digital Media in the early 90's

Messages from Heads of Departments have been flooding in.
A MVA Director said today, "It 's hard to get into the minds of  people
who   would commit such an evil and barbaric act. But we  must stay committed
to the MMI/MVA peace process for future generations of sculptors and
These cultural terrorists will not win"

Other News
A MVA Director faces the Senior Administrator on Monday to make a statement
regarding her sexual relations.
Sources at the MVA offices have revealed that she will admit to
having had some kind of sexual relations with a Banff intern.
Speculation as to whether this will result in impeachment is high on the
media agenda as is the suggestion that a right wing conspiracy has been
through the at-banff mailing list.

Hot, cold, dry and wet in most regions.

This is  Trina mould for PPP News

stay tuned  for "Don't Kids Do The Darndest Things".