From: at-banff (98/8/20)

Dear Anonymous and MVA staff,

I think this might be more about a piece of mind than EI.  What are the
chances of getting EI in the retail-infested Bow Valley anyway?

What I would like to know is that if shit hasn't changed by the end of
January... then can I have the option of leaving without having to "break"
my contract?  I want to know that there is an investment being made by

I can theoretically quit anytime but that doesn't interest me.  I would
like to stay but we are all on probation until the end of January;
therefore, I believe our contract/staff negotiations should reflect this

Is possible to have contracts negotiated until the end of January with
option to renew Feb 1st if we see that the living environment of MVA has
improved?  Or are we going to go on blind faith that "every little t'ing is
gonna be alright" come the next review/survey process?

My question is: if everything is not alright then what are my options?

That is what I think the issue is.  You may correct me if you think otherwise.