From: at-banff (26/8/98)

People at Banff,

I was thinking that perhaps we should shut down
'at-banff' mailing list since it upsets the
balance of power in CFA, which is obviously
the more important to maintain than progressive
ideas of dialogue and democracy.

We should remember that we are propaganda
workers and not enlightenment protagonists.

I propose a vote !

Please put an 'x' in your preferred option.

[ ] I think we should shut down 'at-banff'
[ ] I don't think we should shut down 'at-banff'
[ ] I don't know or care

If we do shut down 'at-banff', should we:

[ ] Forcefully and publicly close it for 'morale' reasons.
[ ] Close it secretly and make look like a tech problem.
[ ] Sack people who are subscribed.

Thank you for your attention.

I am going to vote that we shut I down,
in a secret manner, otherwise the publicity
generated will cause much embarrassment
and effect my future career prospects.

Do not take this as a coercive suggestion.

- from The Senior Administrator.