From: at-banff (27/8/98)

From an outside point of view....
Well, I've left you all in happy happy land I can see.
Concerning power, politics and priority...

Personal issues aside, lets settle this now.
perhaps you , (all who still read at-banff), haven't yet sat down and
discussed this without jokes and hurt feelings.  I'm pretty sure that I
know all involved well enough to know that as adults we can get this
sniping and response over with without more hurt egos/feelings.

can we, (you)  get an external "technician/facilitator/babysitter"
to do the work at this rate of pay?
(I'm assuming that OT will be accumulated during the creation of the
piece in question)

Remember that MVA has been about taking care of each other NOT being
divided.  (yeah it sounds mushy but it works)

"Fuck all anger and hatred, let the sun do what it does best,
keep us together and alive" -- Al Cherney