Rachel Baker on public art in Cramley:
Cramley's artists are an asset to the community Because of the policy of an 80% reduction in community charge to holders of an artistic license, 30% of the bourough is populated by artists. But the question often put to me is: "How does art address the social problems of homelessness, rising unemployment and environmental crises?"
We have some of the finest murals on hospital walls, social security offices
and a beautiful collection of public portaloos.

But when culture is used as a cosmetic to whitewash the cracks in
our society, it can lead to self-indulgence and decadence.

That is why the culture and technolgy alliance
proposes to provide funding for activists art project that adress some
of our social problems and provide radical platforms for the marginalised
and the dispossessed

Examples of such projects already funded include the zine 'Blast' which
identifies the underground scene in Cramley, a pirate radio station - phase fm, and
the cybercafe, radical.net.

With this initiatives the comunity can only be enriched because its from this
alternative environment that tomorrow's talent eventually emerges to become
leaders of the community.