I was ordained as a minister in 1983, and from then until 1985 I was curate in the Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge.
In 1985 I became a fully fledged Reverend for Cramley Cross Church. A year later Janet (born and raised in Cramley) made an honest man of me and two years ago Nelson arrived - with Tyrone hot on his heels (It must be something in the water here !) But joking aside - people often ask me a very interesting question. Why should a vicar get involved in politics? Well, there is a very simple answer to this important question. As a minister it is my duty to attend to the spiritual needs of my parishioners, but how can I help their spirit if it is weighed down by poverty, or a lack of education, or dependency on drugs, or if the body which is home to that spirit, has no roof over its head. Or if the belly which feeds that spirit is empty ?.