I, like many of you, have a family but in a sense we are all part of the same family. The human family. I happen to believe that we all have a common father and it doesn't matter if you are a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist. Nor does it matter if you are red, blue, black, white (or pink with red stripes !) because in the end we are all united by a common understanding of what needs to be done.

Finally (because, as my wife will tell you, sometimes I go on a bit) I would like to make one thing abundantly clear. Although I have a lot to say I realise that I have an equal duty to listen. I would like you to talk to me and tell me what you want from the head of Cramley council. What issues concern you most? I am asking you this so that I can represent you in the best way possible. I have some strong ideas about what needs to be done and many of you will agree with me on those issues but it is also important that you, the voter, are given a voice which is heard (politicians often forget that they owe there jobs to the people who elect them and sometimes they fail to listen - and when they fail to listen all hell breaks loose!)

It is not my wish to take power for myself but rather to be a channel which will empower you, your family and the people you love. In November you will be voting for a new Cramley in which we all have our say and in which the divisions of the past will become a thing of the past.

God bless you all

The Reverend Steven Rushton
(Cramley Cross)

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