Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 17:32:14
To: (Wolfgang Staehle)
From: (Joshua Decter) 
Subject: Review entitled "7-Eleven Home Shopping Network" is a fake !!!
Cc: (Journal Of Contemporary Art), (Zingmagazine), (Baerfaxt Newsletter),
(Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery), (Postmasters Gallery), (Andrea Rosen Gallery), (Sandra Gering Gallery), (Robert Prime Gallery), (Schipper & Krome Gallery), (Basilico Fine Arts Gallery), (Benjamin Weil), (Kenny Schachter), (Ingo Gunther), (Jaime Levy), (Nina Czegledy), (Globe And Mail), (New York Times) 

The review entitled "7-Eleven Home Shopping Network: Towards
The Inner Circle, And Beyond" on The Thing server is a fake.

The aforementioned text describes the work of an artist Kass
Schmitt called "The Inner Circle" apparently located at:

I have requested that this illegitimate assault on myself be
deleted from The Thing server several times, but its still
there thus making this message imperative.

Firstly, I would just like to say, for the record, that
although I have found the internet painting project of Komar
and Melamid work "Most Wanted Paintings" oddly compelling I
would not review works such as "The Inner Circle" as I
seriously question the validity of web based art production.

Secondly, the text is clearly a fraudulent reproduction as I
did not and would not say:

"Admittedly, I've harbored some skepticism regarding the
Internet and the World Wide Web; more recently, it has
become increasingly evident to me that the web now offers a
legitimate alternative medium for artists-- a medium which
can be accessed by millions from across the globe, and which
will soon be married with television technologies for an
even wider audience. The web is now a viable test site for
artmaking, a laboratory environment in which the criteria
for "success" and "failure" are in continuous

Thirdly, this counterfeit is a crime, and I will track down
the criminal responsible and see that they are prosecuted

Finally, the author of the fake should learn to write,
before she writes reviews whether they be genuine or forged.

Joshua Decter