Often things only seem to exist in media
i wanted to do something present
that would die when mediated.


Purposely without much thought
i started to chalk the url
in interesting locations around the world.

If entered into a net capable computer
the user would be asked:
1. where they saw the graphity
2. why they think it was done
3. who they thought did it.

Once these details were submitted
they would be sent all the other details
contributed by previous others.

The project was not explained.

When i had an idea to why i was doing it
i contridbuted the reasons/my suspicions
to the project as an inocent.

The project was kept media clean
but the following text was press released.

>Just thought I would let you know
>that I have just started
>a global network graphity project.

>Fantasy, reflection and seduction
>will be amplified and toyed with.

>It is rather fragile and therefore
>could not stand invasive mediation
>so i will not tell you anymore than this.

The project was suspended for a while
ie no more chalking when the media
in this case WIRED magazine mediated the project
thus making any contributions unreliable.