I am a founder-member of the Internet Combat Group.  We campaign
against child-pornography on the Internet, as well as using less "legal"
means if and when required.

I am writing to you because a member of one of our allies in Sweden
found a child-sex search engine on your website.  The offending URL


I connected to your smtp server and via the EXPN comand discovered
that the employee responsible is apparently:

Heath Bunting <bunting@grizzly.BanffCentre.AB.CA>

I assume that this search engine is there without your knowledge or
approval.  I ask that you remove all offending pages forthwith and I
also would ask you to consider dismissing the employee responsible
and informing the police, FBI or both.  If I do not hear from you within
72 hours I will approach the FBI myself.

Whilst I understand that it is difficult to monitor every single page on
your server, now that you have been informed I expect you to act

Please respond asap.



"Freedom of information is a right, not a privilige.
               Mistrust Authority.  Who watches the watchers?"