Mister Net.Art  Grand  Jury  Member profile:
                            Sandra  Fauconnier    (Fokky)                                     
                  One  of  the  first,                          
                  this  Ruby  Wax  in  her  online  work  and  modest                       
                  talker  in  private  is  very  interesting  walking                      
                  paradox.  She  knows  her  know,  and  saves  breath                     
                  for  target  moments.  She  wrote  an  excellent                          
                  thesis  on  art  on  the  web,  which  is  in  Dutch                      
                  only.  Judging  from  the  names,  catagories  and                        
                  pictures,  plus  what  some  Dutch  friends  told  me,                     
                  the  impression  of  she  gives  in  this                        
                  writing  is  for  sure  the  first  major  coverage                       
                  of  different  currents  and  developments  (as  we                       
                  are  researching  with  the  Mr.  Net.Art  contest                        
                  too  now)  to  have  appeared  anywhere.  Fokky's                         
                  judgement,  based  on  a  prevailing  historic                          
                  insight,  is  of  great  value  therefore  in  our                        
                  jury.  She  has  presented  an  excellent  interview                     
                  with  Micheal  Samyn  (Zuper,  candidate/runner  up)                     
                  on  nettime  mailinglist,  which  is  both  remarkable                   
                  for  its  depth  and  wit.  The  Net.Art  jury  is                        
                  impatiently  waiting  for  and  is  having  sleepless                     
                  nights  over  Fokky's  upcoming  interview  with                          
                  Ben  Benjamin  (superbad),  one  of  the  few  American                  
                  Mister  Net.Art  candidates.  Sandra  Fauconnier  is                      
                  not  easily  fooled  by  indoctrination  techniques  or                   
                  obvious  manipulative  gestures  of  eager                       
                  wannabee  winners.                                                      
                  Sandra  Fauconnier  is  now  working  on  a  ph.d.  on                    
                  sociology,  net  and  art.  This  net.addict  and  future                 
                  curator  and  organisor  of  future  legendary                   
                  events  has  like  many  others  to  make  a  living  with                
                  a  webdesign  job,  and  it  is  also  because  we  know                 
                  how  little  time  she  has  due  to  this,  that  we                       
                  thank  the  Codesses  of  that  this  Belgian                    
                  chocolate  eater  is  on  our  jury.                                       
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