Rachel Greene was born in Canada and lives in New York City.
She is a towering five feet nine inches, and may possibly be
a Jew, (as she speaks some Yiddish) but this is pure
speculation on my part. She is currently playing with the
idea of relocating to the UK, which she informed me while
listening to a "daft" punk rock CD, and in general seems to
consider herself a bit of an anglophile. A successful writer 
and editor, she currently edits Rhizome, the on-line new media art resource,
This has broadened her already flourishing intellectual and 
social life immensely, and she plans to remain at Rhizome
for a very very long time. Greene will be contributing an essay 
on the history of woman and technology to an anthology entitled 
"Angry women in Rock, Volume 2  Digital Sexuality."  Having also 
tried her hand at acting, she appeared in an unnamed film on 
British TV at the ripe age of 18. 
Her Master's dissertation was on narcissism, although she has, 
of late, become more of an exhibitionist, and therefore plans 
to make a debut in the European net art circuit imminently. 
She is also a curator, and recently was flown to Brazil to judge 
a net.art contest for Museum Casas Das Rosas.
This summer Greene will be curating the on-line component of a
Canadian art festival. In her spare time she reads the zine BUST 
and will speak French upon request.
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