Technologies to the People® is aimed at people in the so-called Third World as well as at the homeless, orphaned, expatriated or unemployed, at fringe groups, runaways, immigrants, alcoholics, drug addicts, people suffering from mental dysfunctions and any other categories of "undesirables", at all those without social ties and unable to find a safe place to live, at all those who have to beg in order to survive.

Technologies to the People® is for people denied access to the new information society and new technologies, for all those living in the confines of new and alien borders Technologies to the People© wants to facilitate your access to the information society.

Technologies to the People® wants more people to be networked.

Technologies to the People® developed and manufactured the Street Access Machine® specifically for the fringe groups named above.

The machine can be used 24 hours-a-day with all credit cards (cybercash). With the Street Access Machine®, credit cards are now welcome everywhere - including the street. All you need to do is install a Street Access Machine® and problems with begging will be a thing of the past. Those wishing to donate money to the needy simply present a credit card and stipulate the sum they are willing to part with. The destitute can withdraw the money from a cash dispenser using their Recovery Card® in conjunction with a personal password. Simple to use and interest-free. A ground credit-card service for one and for all.