Public Key Server -- Index

Type bits/keyID     Date        User ID
pub  1024/90177AE7  1997/03/04   7-11
pub  1024/A7E79015  1998/06/07   Alexei Shulgin
pub  1024/9E04FECD  1998/06/07   Blank & Jeron
pub  1024/E90CD4FE  1997/09/10   Daniel Garcia Andujar
pub  1024/5A3AC6CF  1998/06/07   Heath Bunting
pub  1024/5A3AC6CF  1998/06/07   irational corp.
pub  1024/04EA8177  1998/06/07   Jacques Servin
pub  1024/599F917F  1998/06/07   JODI
pub  1024/917F596F  1998/06/07   Keiko Suzuki
pub  1024/277F1EDF  1998/01/04   Olia.Lialina
pub  1024/1C999115  1998/02/09   Luka.Frelih
pub  1024/91151C99  1998/03/02   Rachel Greene
pub  1024/EA5DA009  1998/06/07   Steve Kurtz
pub  1024/0EA095DA  1998/05/05   Susan Kennard
pub  1024/38F2994B  1998/06/07   Technologies To The People
pub  1024/8FB29943  1998/06/07   Vuk Cosik
Extract caveats:
Here's how to look up a key:
  1. Select either the "Index" or "Verbose Index" check box. The "Verbose" option displays all signatures on displayed keys.
  2. Type the ID you want to search for in the "Search String" box.
  3. Press the "Do the search!" key.
  4. The server will return a (verbose) list of keys on the server matching the given ID. (The ID can be any valid argument to a pgp -kv(v) command. If you want to look up a key by its hexadecimal KeyID, remember to prefix the ID with 0x.)
  5. The returned index will have hypertext links for every KeyID and every bracket-delimited identifier. Clicking on the hypertext link will display an ASCII-armored version of the listed public key.