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Welcome to Art Cryptography®! With Art Encryption® for Personal Privacy, you can easily and securely protect the privacy of your e-mail messages and file attachments by encrypting them so that only the intended recipients can read them. You can also digitally sign messages and files, which ensures their authenticity. A signed messages verifies that the information in it has not been tampered with in any way.
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There are two kinds of cryptosystems: symmetric and asymmetric. Symmetric cryptosystems use the same key (the secret key) to encrypt and decrypt a message, while asymmetric cryptosystems use one key (the public key) to encrypt a message and a different key (the private key) to decrypt it. Assymetric cryptosystems are also called public key cryptosystems.

Symmetric cryptosystems have a problem: how do you transport the secret key from the sender to the recipient securely and in a tamperproof fashion? If you could send the secret key securely, you wouldn't need the symmetric cryptosystem in the first place (because you would simply use that same secure channel to send your message). Frequently, trusted couriers are used as a solution to this problem. Another, more efficient and reliable solution is a public key cryptosystem, such as RSA, which is used in the popular security tool PGP.

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