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Postal address: rosebery cottage, rosebery avenue, bristol bs2 9tw, united kingdom.
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Discourse discussion forum.
How to be Community Radio Station
Technical information & equipment reviews.
Richard Orton
Personal Bio.
Mejor Vida Corp.
"For a human interface".
Minerva's homepage
See projects by Minerva Cuevas.
Access stats
Statistics of visitors to irational.
American express mailing list
'that will do nicely' solicitor's letter.
Anti with e
Backspace.Org Lecture Series.
Art of work
Exploiting the workplace.
Art power database
The famous art power database for artist - because we can.
At-banff mailing list archive.
Biotech hobbyist magazine
Magazine for bedroom biotech.
A world wide watch - closed circuit television.
European lab for network collision.
Community courier
Updated underground parcel courier service.
Cultural terrorist agency
Funding agency for counter property/ representation propaganda.
Cyber patrol
Illegal tapping.
Daniel's homepage
See projects by Daniel Andujar.
Digital chaos
Slacker cyber conference.
Diy guide
How to be a net caster.
Dot to dot pornography.
Heath's homepage
See projects by retired artist heath bunting .
Identity swap database
Find a similar face and trade places.
Irational competitions
Various irational competitions.
Irational courier
Underground parcel courier service.
Irational cvs
Detailed information about irational & members.
Irational disinformation
Irational disinformation campaigns.
Irational dysfunctionality questionnaire
How dysfunctional are you and your family? .
Irational hosting
Irational nutures family and friends.
Irational publicity
Sign up for irational information updates.
Irational wiki
The wiki to irational.
Jingles for the millenium
An online contest to find a jingle for the millenium.
Kayle's homepage
See projects by artist kayle brandon.
London borough of cramley
Voting system for Cramley Borough.
Technology workshops for women.
Natural reality superweed
Genetically modified anti-capitalist weed. consultants
Donate to major collections.
Personal Data Fairy
Data body abduction.
Ruin of an primedial network ring.
Routeless 97
Ruin of roaming irationalists routes.
Technologies to the people
Visit the - ghetto.
Technologies to the people foundation
Sponsoring and collecting cultural activity .
The seven eleven mailing list
Chaotic nonsense from your favourite store.
The world service groupware.
Tm clubcard project
Loyalty online - earn points when you surf.
Tm selector
A connoisseurs guide to online audio.
Video art on demand
You can see and hear every art piece when you want.