Art Power DatabaseCyber Strategy Project

The Federation of Artist Scientists CyberStrategy Project has a three-fold focus.

  1. We are working to advancing the work of other FAS Projects through enhanced utilization of new and emerging information technologies, to ensure that our internet presence continues to be at the forefront in our community.
  2. We also serve as a pathfinder site to demonstrate the utility of these technologies for the peace and security community [although in the absence of funding we are no longer able to offer technical support services].
  3. And we are engaged with the global applications of these new information systems in the emerging domain of Information Warfare.

The CyberStrategy Project is currently an unfunded initiative. We have been trying for the past two years to raise money specifically for this project in order to provide technical assistance to other computationally.challenged orgs in our community, and have finally concluded that there is just flat out no way that we are gonna find anyone to pay us to do this sorta stuff. [If anyone wants to try to prove me wrong, please drop me a line]. Our current efforts on this front are devoted to improving our own implementations, and internet policy and information warfare issues more generally.