Reporting an Unauthorized Intrusion

Because of Security concerns, this form must be printed or E-mailed as an attachment. The server will not support CGI scripted form submissions.

The purpose of this form is to provide Technologies To The People Infrastructure Protection and Computer Intrusion Squad with information relating to possible Intellectual Property Rights violations via computer. While the Technologies To The People will endeavor to protect your identity and keep the information you provide strictly confidential, you may be contacted by Technologies To The People Special Agents regarding further details concerning the information you have provided.


  • To print the form: use your browser's print button to print a copy of this form; next, fill out the information requested, and then fax or mail it to the WFO Regional Computer Crime Squad (see the addresses below);
  • To Save as a text file: depending on your browser - either save the form as a text file under the File option on the menu bar; or, right click on the form and save it as a text file to your hard drive or to a floppy disk. After filling out the form, send it as an attachment to an E-mail letter or simply mail it to the Technologies To The People's Office Regional Computer Crime Squad on disk. If you use an encryption program (such as PGP), please be sure we have your public key information.

To Contact the WFO ArtistComputer Crime Squad:

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Type of Organization : ART Commercial Educational Military Telecomm

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Suspect Information:


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Other Pertinent information:

WFO Infrastructure Protection and Computer Intrusion Squad