Logs you out of the system. Always log out, if you dont it could be seen by others.

Starts the text editor application, pico.

pico filename
Either creates a new file named filename or edits the file named filename.

Starts the e-mailer proggie.

man command
Displays help or info about a certain command. If you want to know what 'cd' command does, type: man cd - simple right?

mkdir subdirectory1
Creates a new directory, or folder as I prefer, called subdirectory1.

rmdir subdirectory
Removes the directory named subdirectory

cd subdirectoryname
Changes current directory to the one specified.

Changes directory to home dir.

cd ..
Changes the directory up one level, or back to the previous dir.

Lists content of current dir.

ls -l
Long version of directory listing.

ls -C
Lists files in vertical manner.

ls -l
This command lists the directory contents in long format. Information similar to the following is displayed when you issue this command.

size file/dir name total 3 \ /
-rw------- 1 jdoe staff 1024 Sept 4 10:35 filename
drwxr-xr-x 2 jdoe staff 2048 Jan 24 11:28 Mail/
drwxr-xr-x 3 jdoe staff 2048 Jan 23 09:28 News/
| | \ \ |
file info links owner staff/stud date changed

ls -la
Lists hidden files.

cat filename
Shows entire content of file called filename.

cat > newfile
Create new file called newfile

cat f1 > f2
Copies f1 to f2

cat f1 f2 > f3
Places concatenation of f1 and f2 in f3

cat f1 >> f3
Appends f1 to f3

cat f1 | sort
Sorts the lines of f1

cat f1 f2 | sort > f3
Concatenates f1 and f2, sorts the result and places it in f3

pg filename
List file one page at a time. Press space to see next page.

more filename
Displays file one screen at a time. Same as above.

tail filename
Displays last 10 lines of file.

mv file1 file2
Rename file1 to file2.

cp file1 file2
Copy file1 to file2.

lpr file1
Print file1 to line printer.

ls | lpr
Print output (i.e., directory) to line printer.

tprint file1
Print file1 to local printer.

diff textfile1 textfile2
Compare textfile1 to textfile2.

cmp binfile1 binfile2
Compare binary files.

Change password.

rm filename
Remove file.

Display names of users on system.

who | more
Shows who is logged on right now.

who am i
Tells you who you are.

finger username
Display information about specific user.

fs quota
Indicates disk space used and left.

fs listquota
Additional info about your disk quota.

Displays the present working dir.

mv old-filename new-filename
Renames a file.

mv old-directory-name new-directory-name
Moves contents of one dir to another.

Displays help