"CamVista Marketing Department" <marketing@camvista.com>
  To: <heathbunting@irational.org>
  Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 16:50:37 +0100
  Subject: Leicester Square cam

  I notice that you have embedded  our Leicester Square webcam 
  image onto your site.  We are happy for other Internet sites
  to link to some of our 40 cams, however, we do not allow sites
  to embed our images directly onto their sites.  Especially 
  when there is no acknowledgement or link to us as the webcam
  operator. Please stop using our image, or should you wish 
  to pay a small annual fee for the rights to use our Leicester
  Square cam then please contact me.  Should you wish just to
  link to our webcam pages, we will be ok with that.
  Alex Kilgour
  Marketing Director
  CamVista.com Ltd
  Dynamic Live Internet Content
  T +44(0)1592 652 813
  F +44(0)1592 653092
  M  01796 818 6278