Projectionist Party (PP)
 Decent wholesome upbringing that has led to strong desire to
 see projections on every available flat white outdoor space 
 to be covered by projections.
 One party, one issue. 
 Imagine our lovely town light up at night with lovely slide projections. 
 I ask nothing more than your vote to realise this dream. 
 Each street corner would have power points, projectors and a screen. 
 Everyone could provide slides to project or sit on the newly installed 
 comfy chairs, under cover to protect the audience from the changeable 
 Cramley weather and watch the unfolding shows. 
 A  vote for me is a vote for a new arts incentive within Cramley. 
 It will provide new jobs within in the new photographic and processing 
 industry that would spring up to support this new venture. 
 Crowds would flock into Cramley to view the creative talents of its 
 inhabitants thus bringing in much needed revenue to our shops, cafes 
 and restruants.
 A vote for me ensures the revitalisation of our area based on the sound
 principles of freemarket ecconomics and the true artistic talents of the
 inhabitants of Cramley.
Simon Hyde - One vote One projector