The tragic and untimely death of council leader Marcus Tavistock has
left the London Borough of Cramley with a hung council. The result of
the forthcoming election will, therefore, be crucial as it will decide
which party will lead Cramley. All candidades are fighting on issues
which are close to the hearts of all Cramley's residents:

				- Social Exclusion 
				- Public Art 
				- Genetically Modified Food

The candidates thus far are:

Rachel Baker (Culture And Technology Alliance) 
Vivienne Gaskin (Care & Compassion) 
John Hayward (Conservative) 
The Reverend Steve Rushton (Christian Coalition)

Using a unique experimental voting system, constituents will be able
to vote either on-line or in voting nooths within the borough on
election day.

If you wish to put yourself forward asa candidate please contact the
Returning Officer Juliette Tidyman, at the addresses given below by
the 11 December 1998

Juliette Tidyman 
Clink Street 
SE1 9DG 
Tel 00 44 (0)171 234 0804