thank fuck it's the future

slacker cyber conference may 30 - june2 1996
hubinterc@fé, bath, england : 44 1225 427 441
four days of digital delirium

Here is the ongoing conference scrapbook.

The following information is a program. You can still always phone 44 1225 427 441 where we will be delighted to talk to you about almost anything, especially mental exhaustion and incipient lung cancer. But it would be time well spent, whether you're coming or not.

We can confirm the venue for most of the talks/lectures/rants:The Hat and Feather, 14 London Street, Bath. It's beautiful, overlooks a park, and is a mere two-minute wander from the Hub Interc@fé. Other events will be taking place on Saturday 1st June at the HUB CLUB, The Paragon, Bath.

We've also sorted a funky bar for breakfasts: The Paragon Wine Bar, which is also beautiful and up a lot of steps from Walcot Street, where you'll find The Bell, the C@fé, and a load of little shops. Walcot is where the Bath Fringe Festival is based, so expect minstrels, actors, etc.


THURSDAY from 8pm - 9pm at F>STOP MEDIA STATION, GREEN PARK STATION, BATH, 44 1225 316 922 or 44 1225 424 061 FAX: 44 1225 424 642.

FRIDAY from 10am - 11.30am at THE PARAGON BAR, THE PARAGON, BATH, 44 1225 466 212
SATURDAY from 10am at THE HAT AND FEATHER, 14 LONDON STREET, BATH, 44 1225 425 672


note: please only use the numbers above to get directions if you're lost. none of these places can give you much info about DIGITAL CHAOS. phone 44 1225 427 441 for that.